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w e l c o m e.

Welcome to elite_vdiaries, a community for good quality icons from the television show The Vampire Diaries. This community is by invitation only, only applicants whom we have accepted will be allowed a posting access. We look for good quality, creative and inspirational icons.

If you think your icons meet the requirements, you are welcome to apply here.

g u i d e l i n e s.

-> Do not join the community. If you would like to have posting access, please apply here.

-> If you decide to give it a try and apply, please make sure to read all the rules before doing so.

-> All posts in this community must have icons related with the show The Vampire Diaries (actors, actresses, actual scenes).

-> All preview icons must be The Vampire Diaries related. This is a community for The Vampire Diaries icons, please do not cross-post with previews of other shows, it makes no sense. I am writing this, because I actually see it happen, a lot of times.

-> Members/Friends only communities and journals won't get accepted. Well, except if you leave your entries open for at least a good amount of 2 weeks. That will leave people with enough free choice to look at the icons if they want before you lock the post.

-> Entries with more than 4 icons or previews larger than 400 pixels wide, need to be under a Lj-Cut!

-> When you save any icons, please respect the rules of the artist. Also when they ask for credit, please give them credit.

-> Include "self-serving psychopath" in your subject line, when you post your application, so we know you've read the rules. We might change this line from time to time.

-> If you don't get accepted, you are more than welcome to re-apply in two weeks.
c o n n e c t i n g w i t h y o u.

If you'd like to affiliate with elite_vdiaries, please leave a comment here.



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